Hunt Fish Jiu-Jish

Training jiu jitsu and living sustainably from the land are what this community is all about. Whether you are a life-time outdoorsman/woman who recently stepped on the mats, a seasoned jiu jitsu practitioner who likes to cast a line on the weekends, or you live and breath all three... we welcome you!

Hunting, Fishing and Jiu Jitsu 

Our family has been hunting and fishing for as long as I can remember. We grew up in the amazing Pacific Northwest, and in our family if you went hiking... you went for a reason. We come from a long line of outdoorsmen/women and wrestlers. 

 That's why, when I was introduced to jiu jitsu around 2012, I was absolutely hooked. Early on in my jiu jitsu journey I met Professor Chris Dealy at The Base Vancouver, and never looked back.

As the years went by, more and more family and friends saw the benefits and began their own journeys. Happiness is contagious and everyone deserves it. If you hunt, fish or train jiu jitsu, you understand what it's like to be part of an amazing community. You understand that things don't come easy. You are willing to climb any mountain or cross any river in pursuit of your goals.


You have found the right place!

We train jiu jitsu and sustain ourselves through hunting and fishing. We wear the brand to say we work for what we want and we provide for ourselves. We respect each other and the planet. 

Welcome to the family!


Image by Stephen Walker